Teach your dog how to swim

September 9, 2015 | shibainu

barkley swimming video       Kuma cute picture

Most people assume that your dog knows how to swim. Some dogs don’t .

However most dogs drawn due to not knowing how to get out of the pool they exhaust themselves in a panic trying to get out .

.Our rescue works with new owners and our adopter was fantastic in showing his new pup Barkley the way out of the pool showing him the stairs!

 Please keep your pets safe with the swimming pools and it only takes a short time of showing them the  way out..!

Korean Jindo Verses Shiba Inu

July 4, 2014 | shibainu

shiba inu jindo bebe momoThis is a Korean Jindo and the bottom is a Shiba Inu both females both rescues from two different shelters!! Shelters as well as rescue and adopters confuse the two the size difference is shown here!!

Welcome to Elfs Kitty Corner!

April 25, 2014 | shibainu

elf on gard dutyElfs Kitty Corner 7777Dog Party Foxy 011
please click on the link to read about our kitty rescue.
check out our feeding station


January 4, 2013 | shibainu

Toki was rescued from OC shelter he was hit by a car and we were ask to take him. He recovered from his injury at a wonderful foster home and went to a home with a look a like sister!