We are 14 years old!

April 30, 2016 | shibainu
saving shibas for 14 years

Happy Anniversary~

1-800-Petmeds Cares http://www.petmeds.org/how-we-help/donations

March 13, 2016 | shibainu


Thank you PetMeds Cares for the donation of pet products and over-the-counter medications for our adoptable Shiba Inu’s!”


Thank You 1800-Petmeds

I am not a Holiday Gift I am a Fur Ever Family Member! Adopted!

December 8, 2015 | shibainu


I am not a Holiday Gift I am a Family Member!

I am not a Holiday Gift I am a Family Member!

Please think before giving a pet as a holiday gift

So many of them wind up in shelter after the holiday

And never get a pet from a pet store !

They come from a puppy mill If you don’t know

Where they get their pets from don’t get a pet from there!

I am a Family Member NOT a Holiday Gift!

Kenji Came to us with Giardia and was surrendered at 13 weeks he received some training was fully vetted!


September 9, 2015 | shibainu

ASPHALTheat stroke dogshot cars


Teach your dog how to swim

September 9, 2015 | shibainu

barkley swimming video       Kuma cute picture

Most people assume that your dog knows how to swim. Some dogs don’t .

However most dogs drawn due to not knowing how to get out of the pool they exhaust themselves in a panic trying to get out .

.Our rescue works with new owners and our adopter was fantastic in showing his new pup Barkley the way out of the pool showing him the stairs!

 Please keep your pets safe with the swimming pools and it only takes a short time of showing them the  way out..!


July 17, 2015 | shibainu


                                         Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue Has a Trap Neuter and Release  Rescue In Place! Thank you for Donating it saves lives!




Trap-Neuter-Return, commonly referred to as “TNR,” is the only method proven to be humane and effective at controlling feral cat population growth. Using this technique, all the feral cats in a colony are trapped, neutered and then returned to their territory where caretakers provide them with regular food and shelter. Young kittens who can still be socialized, as well as friendly adults, are placed in foster care and eventually adopted out to good homes.


What Is a Feral Cat?

A “feral” cat is a cat who has reverted in some degree to a wild state. They originate from former domestic cats who were lost or abandoned and then learned to live outdoors or in environments involving little human contact, such as warehouses, factories or abandoned buildings. In most cases, feral cats are not completely wild because they still depend on people for their food source, whether it’s a caretaker who comes by once or twice a day, a dumpster outside a restaurant, garbage cans, or the like. Relatively few feral cats subsist only by hunting

 Amazon wish list to help us with TNR

Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue Inc P.O. Box 16053 Encino Ca 91416 www.shibainure​scue.org Link: https://amzn.com/w/1MZ1PJEPQHNX6Ptnr kitty #15